ClearPlay sound panels

The HUSHTEC USA’s ClearPlay  is a 100% transparent high-performance noise barrier. Common applications include surrounding fences around pickleball courts to mitigate noise carrying out into residential areas. ClearPlay transparent panels do not effect light and brightness around the courts and allow spectators to watch games. Most importantly the panels provide safety both day and night by having the ability to see inside the courts at all times.

Premium Sound panel Hushtec USA

Premium Series

The Hushtec USA Premium Noise Barrier is the highest-performing and most flexible portable noise barrier on the market. Even in the most challenging of situations, these panels exceed sound suppressing expectations.  When you choose a Hushtec USA excessive noise barrier, you can have confidence you are getting the best product on the market. Our noise barriers are used in applications around the world.

Premium sound panels

Performance Series

Hushtec USA Performance panels were the first to be innovated under the Hushtec range. Manufactured for a variety of applications and industries such as construction and demolition.
Performance panels provide safer working environments by reducing noise for the convenience of those in the vicinity.Hushtec Performance panels can be used on temporary fencing, scaffolding, and hoarding structures to create the perfect size noise wall to match your requirements.

Mission Series

Mission Series

The HUSHTEC-USA MISSION SERIES noise barrier is our newest design and is one of the thinnest noise barriers on the market! At only 0.19” thick (5mm) this noise barrier still achieves incredible acoustic performance and offers exceptional durability while taking up very little room.

Pile Driver sound absorber

Pile Driver

The Hushtec USA pile driver attachment shroud is a quick and easy to fit to existing equipment and designed to dramatically reduce noise during impact pile driving operations. The Pile attachment shroud quickly mitigates the echoing noise that is emitted out of the steel cylindrical piles during repetitive impact suppressing noise in or around residential areas.

Rock Breaker

Rock Breaker

Hushtec USA Rock Breaker Attachment
If you are in the demolition industry, you will know the noise your work can cause. One of the main causes of that noise is your rock breaker. The inevitable noise from high-impact rock crushers can shut down construction projects, Rock Breaker shrouds may just be the solution to keep your projects open.


Hush Box

The HUSHBOX is an innovative “quiet box” that can be hung from temporary fencing, site hoarding and scaffolding. Innovatively developed to be a lifesaving product in the event of an emergency where emergency calls need to be made in a noisy environment.

Hush Walls

Our innovative Hushwall systems make it quick, easy, and affordable to build soundproofing walls and enclosures for just about any application. The panels that make up the system come in four different acoustic grades, and they can be manufactured in any shape or size. They also feature a unique tongue-and-groove system that makes it easy to build, dismantle, and reassemble soundproofing walls and enclosures without the need for a builder.

Hushtec HT1 sound panels

HT1 Pickleball Sound Panels

HUSHTEC-USA® HT1 panels are designed to provide noise mitigation specifically
for pickleball courts, resulting in a quieter environment for players and the
surrounding area. These sound-absorbing panels are made of high-quality materials that absorb sound waves, reducing the amount of noise that bounces off the walls and other surfaces. This results in a more pleasant playing experience for everyone involved.

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