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The HUSHBOX is an innovative “quiet box” that can be hung from temporary fencing, site hoarding and scaffolding. 

Finding a suitable place on a construction site to make a phone call is a challenge. In emergency situations this becomes a safety issue as the ability to properly communicate with the emergency services is essential. Hushbox provides a solution. It is a quiet box that removes background site noise, allowing workers to make phone calls. It also doubles as a document station, and it can be customized with safety features and branding.

HushBox sound mitigator

The HUSHBOX has been taking the world by storm, as it is now not only a site safety device, it also works as a document station where site books and safety consumables such as ear plugs are stored.

Easily Relocatable Quiet Box for Phone Calls

HushBox sound mitigator

Hushbox has a unique and innovative yet simple design that provides a quiet location on busy and noisy construction sites to make phone calls. When inside a Hushbox, site background noise is significantly reduced.

It is ideal for day-to-day use, and it is an essential solution in emergency situations where calls are being made to the emergency services.

Doubles as a Document Station

HushBox sound mitigator

The design of Hushbox means it can also be used as a document station, as well as to store safety consumables such as ear plugs. It also provides a quiet space to review documents while on-site.

In other words, Hushbox is not just a safety solution and quiet place for making phone calls, as it also has other practical applications.

Reasons to Use Noise Reduction & Soundproofing

  • Expert advice in sound mitigation.
  • High-quality products made using the best materials
  • We design and manufacture our products in-house
  • We offer standard products and custom designs
  • Our rock breaker noise reduction attachment is suitable for all equipment makes, models, and different types of rock breakers

The Noise Impact of Rock Breakers

Rock breaker city

If you regularly use a rock breaker, you know it is an essential piece of equipment and very dangerous. Given the way a rock breaker works the noise is unavoidable.

Rock Breakers produce noise, dust and flying debris. All these factors present risks to the operator and others who are close by including the impact to animals & wildlife.


Rock Breaker

The fitting of our rock breaker attachments takes only a few minutes. Once fitted, the rock breaker can be used as normal.

The shroud attachment does not interfere with the chisel eliminating any loss of operator productivity. The material used to manufacture the rock breaker attachments is clear. The material has been carefully designed to maximize its soundproofing capabilities. It specifically acts apon the sound produced by the steel tip of the rock breaker striking the surface, i.e., rock, concrete, etc. The reduction in sound is usually about 10db.

As the attachment is fitted around the steel tip, it also acts as a containment housing catching flying debris and dust.
The material we use is strong, so it won’t rip or tear as this debris hits it.

Reduce Dust and Flying Debris

Noise isn’t the only inconvenience and danger created by rock breaker operations, as these machines also produce large amounts of dust and flying debris. Both represent a hazard to workers.

With our Rock Breaker Attachment fitted, almost all the dust and flying debris produced by the rock breaker is contained within the shroud.

Innovative Design, Expertly Manufactured

Rock Breaker

HushTec Rock Breaker Attachments are suitable for almost all rock breaker machines. Not only are the attachments suitable, but they are also super easy to fit – they take about a minute to install or remove.

We manufacture all our products at our advanced production facility, so you can have confidence in the quality of your Rock Breaker Attachment.

Customisable for Your Requirements

Rock Breaker behind sound panels

We can also customise your new rock breaker attachment to suit your requirements. This includes digitally printing your branding and any other information you want included on the design.

Enhance the safety and comfort of your workers by investing in a rock breaker attachment today. Please get in touch with us for a quotation.

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