Hush Walls

Hush Walls

The HUSHWALL system is a prefabricated soundproof panel that is supplied in a kit-set form and designed to greatly reduce noise in the below application.

The Hushwall system is a lightweight, yet high performing acoustic panel that can create endless noise walls, partitions, and screening in record time. Each section is slotted into a C shape Chanel and panels are then butted together using our innovative ‘tongue and groove” system to create an seamless wall configuration with zero chance of noise leakage.

Available in four different grade panels such as 2″, 3.75″, 5.5″ & 7″ thickness panels. Each panel is backed by full laboratory acoustic testing and can be manufactured to any size and shape.

The added bonus of the HUSHWALL system is they can easily be disassembled and relocated to create noise walls in other areas without the need of hiring a builder if plans change.

Be creative! Each HUSHWALL panel can be powder-coated in the color of choice to blend in with the surrounding environment, or, this system can also be digital printed in the graphics of your choice!

“The HUSHWALL system we had installed has not only reduced noise levels for our staff throughout our entire plant, it has also reduced our manufacturing noise to an acceptable level whereby we can now operate 24/7 without disturbance to neighbors in close proximity. Thanks to the creative HUSHWALL system, our output is over 50% higher than last year.” Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins
Plant Owner


  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Dyno Booths
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Transformer / Generator Enclosures
  • Pump / Blower Facilities
  • Rooftop Aircon Enclosures
  • Highway Noise Barriers 
  • Pickleball courts

Affordable and Effective Soundproof Wall Solution

Affordable and Effective Soundproof Wall Solution

The Hushtec Hushwall system comes in prefabricated panels that can be connected together in any size, shape, or design to create a bespoke soundproof wall. The system has been designed to significantly reduce noise.

Common applications include manufacturing plants, generator enclosures, dyno booths, pumping facilities, and highway noise control.

To meet your acoustic requirements, four different grades of Hushwall panels are available. Each is based on the thickness of the panels – 2″, 3.75″, 5.5″ & 7″ panels are available.

Each panel thickness has been laboratory tested for its acoustic performance, giving you confidence in the product’s noise reduction capabilities.

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