HT1 Pickleball Sound Mitigation

HT1 Series

HUSHTEC-USA® HT1 panels are designed to provide noise mitigation specifically
for pickleball courts, resulting in a quieter environment for players and the
surrounding area. These sound-absorbing panels are made of high-quality materials that absorb sound waves, reducing the amount of noise that bounces off the walls and other surfaces. This results in a more pleasant playing experience for everyone involved.

The HUSHTEC-HT1 SERIES was inventively designed to be extremely effective, yet quick and easy to install. The barriers include the HUSHLOCK Velcro system which features 2” (50mm) joins down either side of the barrier to ensure maximum strength / protection and to gain full compliance as a clip together kit form noise barrier. We have positioned heavy duty tensioned eyelets on the top and bottom of the barrier to cater for a wide range of suspensions such as; Temporary site fencing, scaffolding, timber hoarding’s and many other substrates. from site fencing, scaffolding, and timber hoardings.