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ClearPlay Pickleball

Configure views between transparent ClearPlay Panels and solid panels such as the Mission series and the HT1 sound absorption panels specifically designed for pickleball courts

New Clearplay 360

HUSHTEC-USA Newly designed ClearPlay 360TM sound panels is a game changer for Pickleball noise mitigation. Designed with HushTec’s Premium Series sound absorption panels combined with transparent panels provides a modern design option to closed in courts with no visibility. Clearplay 360TM panels allow light to pass through reducing ground shadows as the sun sets in the afternoon.

ClearPlay 360TM is perfect for tournament days allowing the audience to cheer on their teammates, family and friends without being isolated from solid color panels in addition to being in the court and getting in the way of the players. Contact today for more information.

Clearplay is excellent for gateways / doorways into courts that have solid panels. You never know who is coming the other way. 
Opening a gate blindly can hurt someone on the other side. 

A transparent gate with sound mitigation will prove an extra level of safety to everyone entering and exiting a court.

Pickleball Sound Mitigation for all courts

Beverly mass Pickle ball court
Beverly mass Pickle ball court
Beverly mass Pickle ball court

Transparent Noise Barrier

ClearPlay Transparent Noise Barriers are a game changer in the sports world by providing visibility through chain link fence. Unlike standard noise suppression systems, Clearplay allows natural light to pass through while allowing Pickleball fans to watch their favorite players in action. 

ClearPlay sound panels help ensure the courts are safe, simply by looking or shining a flashlight through the panels saving critical moments if first responder action is required.

Clearplay 360 Design

HUSHTEC-USA ClearPlay 360TM sound panels provide a modern look to traditional courts with solid walls. Using our 3D design software, we can provide you with several layout designs to accommodate the courts surroundings. 

Have a look at some CAD designs in the link below. 
Contact us today for a free layout example of your court.



View 3D layout

Acoustic Sound Panels

Sound barriers can be useful in situations where noise levels from pickleball play are disruptive to nearby residents or businesses. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Acoustic panels such as ClearPlay and Mission Series are a popular choice for soundproofing pickleball courts. These panels can absorb sound waves and reduce the noise level in the surrounding area. They come in a variety of sizes, custom shapes, colors and materials.

  • Acoustic panels can be used to reduce noise levels from pickleball play. High-density materials such as concrete or brick reflect noise and may modify the overall area sound as it keeps bouncing which eventually dissipates over distance.
  • To help reduce sound waves or another words “noise levels” from disturbing the public, the use of acoustic panels with specialized surface texture & materials with different thicknesses are used based on the quantity of sound absorption levels required. As an example, high impact noise such as jack hammers or rock crushing will benefit from Premium Series sound barriers where as a Pickleball Court only would require the Mission series sound panels or ClearPlay if transparency is important 
Transparent Mix with Mission Series

Quietly watch - See who's playing with ClearPlay

Transparent sound panels are used in construction sites, demolition sites, and industrial facilities – in fact, any location where noise reduction is required but the barrier wall must be see-through for safety reasons. 

ClearPlay Transparent Noise are available in standard size dimensions or custom sizes. 

Panels are available in custom colors and graphics.

Panel Sizes and Weights
Standard Size: 6.5 ft x 4.2 ft
Panel Weight: 19.4 lbs
Weight: 0.82 lbs sq/ft

Large Model: 6.5ft x 11.8ft 
Weight: 0.82 lbs sq/ft

Any color

Custom Sizes:
Any Size

Custom Logos:
Any Logo or branding

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